Can I wear African print wears during cold season?

African print wears for cold season: African print wears, also known as Ankara prints, have become increasingly popular in recent years for their vibrant colors and cultural significance. These prints, which are traditionally made from wax-printed cotton fabrics, have a long history in Africa and have been worn for centuries as a symbol of cultural pride and identity.

African print wears for cold season

As the autumn and winter seasons approach, African print wears are a great way to add some color and warmth to your wardrobe. These prints are versatile and can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

One of the key features of African print wears is their bold and vibrant colors. These prints often feature a mix of bright hues, such as red, yellow, and blue, as well as more subtle shades like green and purple. This color palette is perfect for the autumn and winter seasons, as it can help to brighten up dull, grey days and add a pop of color to your outfit.

African print wears also come in a variety of styles, from traditional dresses and skirts to modern jackets and pants. This means that there is something for everyone, no matter your personal style. For a formal event, you could pair an African print dress with heels and statement jewelry. Alternatively, for a casual daytime look, you could opt for a pair of African print pants paired with a sweater and boots.

One of the benefits of African print wears is that they are often made from lightweight, breathable fabrics, which makes them perfect for layering during the cooler months. You can easily add a cardigan or jacket over a dress or top, or wear a pair of pants under a coat for extra warmth.

Another great way to incorporate African print wears into your autumn and winter wardrobe is by adding accents and accessories. For example, you could pair a neutral outfit with an African print scarf or bag, or wear a pair of African print shoes with a simple dress or jeans. These small touches can add a touch of cultural flair to your outfit without overwhelming it.

In terms of styling, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to African print wears. You can mix and match different prints and colors to create your own unique look, or choose a monochromatic palette for a more cohesive outfit. It’s all about finding what works for you and your personal style.

African print wears for autumn and winter

Below are list of some of the most popular African print wears that can be worn during cold season. To make it easy to get, we included a link to get them underneath each item.





When it comes to caring for your African print wears, it’s important to follow the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer. These prints are often made from delicate fabrics and may require special care to maintain their vibrant colors and patterns. It’s also a good idea to avoid ironing directly on the print, as this can cause the wax to melt and the colors to fade.

Overall, African print wears are a great addition to any autumn and winter wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for something formal or casual, there are endless options to choose from. These prints are versatile, colorful, and cultural, making them the perfect choice for adding some flair to your outfit this season.