Where to buy African print wears in the United State

African print wears in the United State: The love for African prints is rapidly growing. African prints are now being used worldwide, and the demand keeps increasing. However, these prints are not so available in the United States compared to other countries. I learned this when I went to a music concert in the United States where the dress code says ‘any traditional African print attire.’

African print wears in the United States

I got to the city a week earlier to get all I needed in time. When I got to New York, I discovered that African wear sold in most outfits is contemporary and predominantly informal. I was shocked and disappointed. If only I knew, I’d have brought mine from my country. African print clothing is very scarce in the United States.

A few days before the concert, I told my friend (Lora), who was an RSVP, how African print wear is not available in the US (at least not in New York). He told me African prints wear is truly scarce but not unavailable in New York. He said their only alternative is to order from online clothing stores. However, he added that not all of them can be trusted.

Lora highlighted some challenges faced when patronizing African clothing stores to me, out of them are:

Logistics-related problems

Another problem faced while shopping in most US online clothing stores is issues with delivery and logistics. Products are often lost or damaged while in transit. As a result, people choose the same day. One-day or two-day delivery, paying extra money to get their product delivered.

Issues relating to quality

Lora spoke extensively about how she got an Adire jacket, which faded completely after the first wash. The most common problem customers face in online shopping is that there is no guarantee of a product’s quality. Most don’t offer you a return or refund if you’re not pleased with the product enough.

Ambiguous Website Policies

Many clothing stores have no website policies at all or have unclear and confusing user, return and refund policies. Vague stipulations leave consumers confused about the refund and return of products. With no policies defined, sellers often reject a consumer’s claim to return the product or refund the money.

Lack of or missing information

Fabric features include all the dry information on how the cloth looks, names it is called by different people, events it is perfect for, and so on.
After Lora highlighted these problems, she introduced me to Mowola African clothing. I can tell you categorically that this store is the best in the United States. After patronizing them at their store in 2108 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York 11233, for the African print cloth I wore for the concert, I’ve made countless orders on their site.


At Mowola African clothing, African print clothing (also known as Ankara) is made from cotton with a wide range of colorful patterns. Ankara is rapidly gaining popularity in the fashion world. It’s one of the African fashions used to depict African culture in movies like ‘The black panther,’ and it can give a very peng look, whether you rock it corporately or casually. Are you seeking the most appealing and beautiful seasonal dress? You should go to MOWOLAA then. They provide a wide range of AFFORDABLE and FESTIVE African dresses.

As the end of the year, yuletide is fast approaching, these African dresses for women are the ideal clothing to improve your appearance and self-confidence this season. In any formal setting, party, wedding, religious event, homecoming, and African History Month.

These women’s African print dresses will make you stand out. You may choose among various African-inspired dresses from MOWOLA to get the perfect section for your dress.

African print jacket dress

It all depends on how you want it. Here is a Long sleeve bell sleeve with elastic for ease of movement. It is a button-down with 100% Cotton African Print material

African print wears in the United States

African print jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are one piece that may provide you with beauty and a good style that flatters your form. So if you want to add a fashionable vibe to your appearance at a casual gathering, add accessories, and you’re set to go! Women’s jumpsuits are unquestionably a fashion statement. Jumpsuits for women come in various shapes and designs, much like dresses, so part of pulling off this look is picking the ideal Ankara jumpsuit dress for you. For informal settings, go for women’s jumpsuits with a loose fit and a comfortable waist.

African print jacket

These three-quarter African print short jackets will add a stylish but excellent touch to your attire. Check them out here.

The mentioned collections are a few of what Mowolaa Fashion sells. Kindly visit Mowola clothing store to other yours today