Wow your date by rocking this African wear in the United States

African wear in the United States: Your dress is amazing; you look dashing in it.” When the compliments get to this point, be rest assured that you have scaled through one-third of the dates guidelines handwritten and published by me. Then you go, “Thank you, African fashion truly highlights the beauty,” and blush is suspected.

Hmm, if the aftermath of some dates were this simple, everyone would be driving a Ferrari, and we would have a perfect world. But it’s not always that simple. So let’s learn more about African wear.

African wear in the United States

African wear truly has a unique way of making you stand out amongst the crowd. Made with fine cotton and bright colors, African wears are a Wonder to behold. However, these wears differ from various styles due to cultural differences. Therefore, one would say Africa is the home of indigenous fashion!

Let’s explore some of the African wears suitable enough to make your date want to propose to you on the spot. Yeah, I said it!


Ankara is a clothing material that gets its roots in West Africa, the country Nigeria to be specific. Ankara style is one of the most beautiful and popular pieces of African wear. The Ankara material is made from cotton with a wide range of colorful patterns. Ankara is rapidly gaining popularity in the fashion world. It’s one of the African fashions used to depict African culture in movies like ‘The black panther.’ 

Ankara can also be matched with other materials, making it an all-round choice of African wear. Well-tailored Ankara wears are suitable for parties, dates, outings, etc. Beautiful right? Ankara adds a fine taste to you itself. With Ankara, you can look like a celebrity depending on how much you get creative with your style and accessories.


Kente is another popular African wear that originates from Ghana. Kente wears is native to the Akan tribe in Ghana. It is a type of silk and cotton made from interwoven cloth strips that are colorful and with various patterns. Traditionally, kente is worn by queens, princesses, and women of Dagbon, so generally, it’s the perfect fit for a queen like you!

Kente wear is also gaining popularity rapidly. Aside from the Ankara fashion in the movie ‘black panther,’ kente is also used in the movie. 


The word DASHIKI comes from the indigenous Yoruba word ‘DANSHIKI.’ The beautiful DASHIKI is a loose/free overall that is comfortable to wear during the heat. Dansiki is a colorful garment that it’s mostly worn in West Africa. It is also known as kitenge in East Africa. 

Dashiki has become modern in many ways that it can be sewn into different styles and match other clothing too. This clothing material isn’t gendered specific, as both the male and female gender can use it. Dansiki is well famous in the United States for its use in celebrating some monumental African-cultural days in the states.

Dansiki can be combined with jeans, skirts, and sneakers. It is a perfect material for the African-American combination. Apart from being majorly a top overall, dansiki can be tailored into jackets, free gowns, and suits, which can be worn comfortably to outings.

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In conclusion, African wear is gaining recognition all over the world. Celebrities like Chris brown have been seen wearing these materials. The magnanimous beauty of African fashion cannot be overstretched. There is beauty in all of their fashion. Generally, African wear blesses our personality with finesse and completes our looks also.

A quick flashback to our fantasy, upon seeing your Kente gown or the Ankara masterpiece you wore, your date goes.. “miss Africa will you marry me?” the crowd goes, “Aww,” and you wake up back to the real world, now on your way to tailor amazing African wear.

Funny right? Why not turn the fantasy into an achievable reality by rocking that African wear you desire? 

We hope this guide has given enough details to change your fashion life. If so, go rock your world, queen! I’m rooting for you.