Become a queen in the United States with these African wears

Become a queen: The decision of what to wear to “rock your day” is a very tough one for quite a chum of people. It’s only natural as humans to want to look best amongst others. Our dress speaks a volume about who we are and what we represent, “you will be addressed the way you dress,” they say. For my queens, it shouldn’t always be stripped jeans and a pair of vans sneakers.

We are not judging, though; we all have our choices. However, you can decide to go on and be as fantastic as a queen would be by rocking some African fashion.

Yes, Africa!

Become a queen

African fashion is one of the most recognized and famous fashion styles all over the world. It’s unique for its beautiful colors and diverse array of prints. Based on culture and ethnicity, these African wears are crafted to perfection. We like to consider African fashion the most referenced globally, as we see African styles and fashion used in movies and amongst celebrities.

Looking to get into the kind of wear to make you a queen? This article will give you that satisfaction in detail!

We have categorized some African wear that suits a queen, just like you
⦁ Dansiki
⦁ Ankara
⦁ Aso ofi
⦁ Kente


Ankara is a clothing material that gets its roots in West Africa, the country Nigeria to be specific. Ankara style is one of the most beautiful and popular pieces of African wear. The Ankara material is made from cotton with a wide range of colorful patterns. Ankara is rapidly gaining popularity in the fashion world. It’s one of the African wears used to depict the African culture in movies like ‘The black panther.’

Ankara can be mix-matched with other materials, making it an all-around complete choice of African wear.

Well-tailored Ankara wears are suitable for parties, dates, outings, etc.


Kente is another popular African wear that originates from Ghana. It is a type of silk and cotton material made from interwoven cloth strips that are colorful and have various patterns. Kente is native to the Akan tribe in Ghana. Traditionally, it’s worn by queens, princesses, and women of Dagbon.

Generally, it’s the perfect fit for a queen like you!
Kente wears is also gaining popularity rapidly. For example, we see the use of KENTE in the movie “black panther.”

Here are some pictures of the Kente material and dresses


The word DASHIKI comes from the indigenous Yoruba word ‘DANSHIKI.’ The beautiful DASHIKI is a loose/free overall that is comfortable to wear during the heat. Dansiki is a colorful garment that it’s mostly worn in West Africa. It is known as kitenge in East Africa.

This clothing material isn’t gendered specific, as both the male and female gender can use it. Dansiki is well famous in the United States for its use in celebrating some monumental African-cultural festivals in the states.

Dansiki can be combined with jeans, skirts, and sneakers. It is a perfect material for the African-American combination. Apart from being majorly a top overall, dashiki can be tailored into jackets, free gowns, and suits, which can be worn comfortably to outings.
Below are some pictures of DASHIKI


‘Aso ofi,’ also known as aso oke, is a hand-woven clothing material made by the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria, West Africa. Aso ofi is traditionally worn by royalties in the country’s southwestern part. It has a very befitting nature and has been known to look good on anyone, gender regardless.

Aso ofi dates as far back as the 1900s, and the common way to wear it is to make the material into Oro and Buba. However, aso ofi is used in various ways, from men’s gowns called ‘Agbada’ to women’s tops and wrappers called ‘iro’ and head ties called ‘gele.’

We hope you now clearly understand what to wear to shock that hater.
I wish you success on your way to being a fashion queen!