How to get African print Ankara dresses

One of the best known online store that deals in selling wears made with African print materials and Ankara fabric is Mowolaa African Clothing.

African print Ankara dresses: One of the reason Africa is loved amongst other continents is cause of its cultural heritage. African nations and countries pride in their culture and holds elements of their culture in high esteem.

For example Nigerians are known for their firewood Jollof rice which is a mixture of cooked rice and well seasoned stew sauce. This single Nigerian food has caused many debates and trolls on twitter between Nigerians and other African citizens.

This is not to mention the trend of fufu and Egusi combo on Tiktok throughout the world. The trend also caught the attention of Europeans and Americans that they also joined in the troll.

Over the years, Africans have found a way to modernize their culture, make it known to the world and also make it worth emulating. From food, to music, way of life, dressing, fashion, lifestyle, religion, beliefs, marriage, and the way they carry their women, Africans are known to be extra if you know what that means.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the popular “Jerusalema” music and dance trend, the amapiano from south African, Afro music from Nigeria. All these combined is one of the reason Nigeria and African nations will forever remain the talk trends.

Ankara fashion and fabrics from Nigeria

One of the most important part of every human is fashion. Fashion portrays how a person thinks, lifestyle, and beliefs. It is very easy to know a Muslim person just from how they dress, it is also very easy to spot a monk, a priest, an African ruler etc just by the way they dress.

When it comes to fashion, Ankara which is a type of fashion fabrics commonly popular in the western part of Africa. Ankara fabrics, also known as African wax prints, are brightly colored cotton fabrics that are often used for traditional African clothing. They feature bold, geometric patterns and are typically made in West Africa, specifically in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal.

They are often used for making traditional clothing, such as dresses, skirts, and headwraps, as well as home decor items like curtains, tablecloths, and pillow covers. They are also popular in the fashion industry, with many designers using them in their collections.

With modernization and advancement in the world, African have found a way to push the Ankara fabric into limelight fashion trends. For the Ankara fabric have moved from just being used to making African attire to making modern english wears like jumpsuits, rompers, kimono jackets, high waist pants, palazzo pants, coats, buttons, jackets, shoe coverings, etc.

Even celebrities have been spotted wearing the popular African fashion fabric. Ankara fabric has gone from just being a cultural thing to being a well accepted style of fashion even in Europe and other continents.

With all the good things I’ve said so far about the Ankara fabric, people are still faced with some major problems when it comes to getting one for themselves.

Problems faced with getting Ankara fabrics

  1. Fake or sub standard fabrics: It is not a new thing for people to make fake versions of products. The Ankara fabric is not left out of this either. There are many fake versions of the Ankara fabrics circulating everywhere. Except you’re very good with fashion and have dealt with using or working with the fabric before, it may be very hard to point out the fake ones
  2. Scarcity: The fabric isn’t something you can get from any store of complex. Even in African countries, one have to go to certain market to get quality ones.
  3. Cost: The Ankara fabric is also known to be expensive compared to regular wears. Even amongst Africans, the fabric is set aside majorly for events, parties, and celebrations
  4. Change in trend: Unlike regular western wears that you can always get same design anytime, the Ankara fabric designs flows with trend and you can rarely retain a design. A design considered hot this month can be tagged washy or outdated in just for months.

Ready-made Ankara fashion

With all the problems listed above, there is a way out of it. As I have mentioned earlier, Africans know how to push their culture to flow with trend and the Ankara fabrics isn’t left out.

After realizing the whole problem associated with getting a quality Ankara fabrics, stylists and fashion designers now create fashion styles that are in trends with the fabric, make them in different sizes and styles and then make them available for purchase online and in store.

This method makes it very easy to get hold of quality Ankara fabric that is when sewn and available in different styles.

Where to get African print Ankara dresses

The easiest way to get quality wears made with Ankara fabric is to order one online. You may be wondering if you won’t get scammed or get low quality ones.

When you purchase online, you’ll want to choose a reputable brand. One thing I’m sure of is that no reputable brand will want to sell bad products to customers, so as not to get bad reviews or hinder future purchase from potential customer.

Our pick: Mowolaa African Clothing

One of the best known online store that deals in selling wears made with African print materials and Ankara fabric is Mowolaa African Clothing.

Mowolaa have wears in different styles ranging from, bonnets, to rompers, jumpsuits, jackets, gowns, dresses, kimono, palazzo and other in other modern fashion trends.

In conclusion you can always get any style of African print wear from Mowolaa. Delivery is swift and worldwide. Products are also well within budget and won’t break your wallet.

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