Where to order two-sided African print bonnet in the United States

two-sided African print bonnet
two-sided African print bonnet

Two-sided African print bonnet

We all know fashion is one of the cultural systems of African countries and tribes. Africans are known for their awesome and stylish way of dressing.

One of the easiest ways to recognize a tribe in Africa is through their dress and how they appear. When you see people from the eastern part of Nigeria, you can easily tell them apart from northern tribes and southern tribes in Nigeria.

Sometimes all you need to look at is their tops, cap, the pattern on their clothes, and sometimes their skirt or robe.

Their fashion is also one of the easiest ways they used to identify foreigners in the early days. They use all kinds of fashion systems to strike a resemblance with other members of their tribe.

In Africa, the part of the body tribes used mostly to decorate themselves was the head. You can easily know a tribe by their headgear, sometimes their hairstyle, and sometimes their usage of beads on their hair.

With modernization and advancement in fashion, Africans needed a way to still preserve their culture while accepting the modernization that has come to them.

With time, African fashion stylists devised different methods of including African culture in modern fashion and design to preserve the long-old African culture.

Since African tribes mostly decorate their head to show their tribe, stylists started using African fabrics to make bonnets since it is one the most trending fashion piece.

What is a Bonnet

Bonnets were first mentioned in the late 14th century and most likely were fairly crude headgear items then. The first professional bonnet makers were recorded in the 15th century. They created the flat caps, known locally as bonnets, which were fashionable among men at the time.

Later, beauty professionals invented a different type of bonnet in the 1900s. The innovation of hair treatments by beauty pioneers, including Madame C. J. Walker, in the early 1900s helped to make black women’s hair more manageable. The bonnet became a purposeful tool to sustain and protect texture.

Up until now, the main purpose of a bonnet is to keep Black hair from tangling during a night of sleep or preserve a hairstyle until you’re ready to take it off.

Currently, stylists have found a way to include it in fashion. As we all know, anything can be turned into a fashion trend in this present age and time.

African Print bonnets

With the bonnet fashion trends, Africans could blend it with their culture by producing African print bonnets.

These bonnets still serve the same purpose as the old ones, but it is also fashionable this time. It is a matter of never being caught unfresh.

Currently, African Print bonnets are now a thing in the fashion space. There are now different styles with different designs available almost everywhere. One thing that is but the problem is that most of the available ones are made with cheap African Print fabrics.

Sometimes getting a quality African Print bonnet can be very tedious and resource-wasteful. To solve the problem of quality and durability, fashion designers started producing two-sided bonnets. One part will be African Print, and the other will be covered with quality silk.

Two sided African Print bonnets

Two-sided African Print bonnets are currently in trend, and many people, including both males and females, are up on it. Some even go as pairing it with the same nose mask and earrings.

Different styles are available for the two-sided African printed bonnets. However, the most common one is still the one size fits.

The one-size fits are made with quality African Print fabrics and silk material. One side of the bonnet is covered with African print fabric, while the other is covered with silk. Both ends are joined together with an elastic band to make it fit anyone who wears it.

You can also turn it sideways and choose where you want out and where you want in.

Where to order two-sided African print bonnet in the United States

Many stores are available online to order two-sided African bonnets in the US, but not all are dependable. Some fashion brands use low-quality materials, while others are slow with order fulfillment.

So far, only Mowolaa African Clothing has been known to sell the most quality bonnet with the fastest order fulfillment.

Mowolaa stylish double-sided African Print Satin Silk Bonnet is made with the highest quality Ankara material and 100% mulberry silk to keep your hair safe and style intact. They come in elastic or adjustable hand-tied edges. They can be worn inside-out for fashion purposes all day and all night. They are one-size-fit hair bonnets.

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